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Fundraising top tips

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Fundraising top tips
Easy and effective ways to help boost your charity fundraising efforts for Arthritis Support.

People are more likely to sponsor you for something unique and creative. Set yourself a challenge if you reach a fundraising mile stone, like 'if I reach £1000, I'll wear fancy dress to work'.

Create your own online giving page at Just Giving

Using JustGiving makes it easy for friends and family to sponsor you. Just send them a link to your page, and all the money they give comes straight to us.

Things to include in your online giving page:

what you're doing

a target amounts

a paragraph about why you're fundraising for Arthritis Support.

Arthritis Support to personalise your appeal. The more detail the better

photos, including a picture of yourself, maybe while training for your challenge or with Scope branding. Fundraisers with photos raise 14% more on average.

If your sponsors are UK taxpayers, Arthritis Support can claim an extra 25p more for every £1 you raise. Ask them to tick the Gift aid box when sponsoring you online, or let us know and we'll take care of it.

Tell people what fundraising you’re doing using whichever method you feel most comfortable with. You could use: email, phone or social media.

Keep everyone updated and communicate regularly. 3 to 4 times is the sweet spot. Plan what you'd like to say and keep it varied and interesting.

Here are some top tips for sharing your fundraising on social media.

Post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or even just put your JustGiving link in your page's profile, bio or status.

Write a blog to update your family and friends.

Send your link to your contacts via WhatsApp.

Snapchat your fundraising story.

Send an email out to family, friends, colleagues and neighbours telling them about your fundraising. Encourage them to donate and share your JustGiving page.

Add your fundraising page link to your email signature, so everyone you email sees it.

Some companies offer to match charity donations up to a certain amount. If you're an employee, ask if yours does!

Shout about what you’re doing to the local press. They are always on the lookout for stories, especially something readers can relate to, like your family's personal experience or a triumph over adversity.

Tips on working with the press:

We have written a email us for a template sample letter. Copy and paste the text into your own document, then fill in the blanks and send it to journalists on your local papers and radio stations.

Send some good quality digital photos with your press release to dramatically improve the chance of them covering your story.

Choose photos which tell a story, for example you in your Scope running vest or cycling shirt.

Make sure photo file sizes are not too small, and that pictures are clear and not blurred.

You can find contact details on newspaper or radio websites or in the newspaper itself.

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